Is My Christian Life Just Like This?

I grew up in a Christian family in Indonesia, but I seldom went to church. Although we were Christian, we still worshipped our ancestors like other Chinese people. Then one day my elder brother passed away. As we began to seek the Lord, we went to different churches. But in those places we did not find real happiness, especially my parents. As I felt the emptiness inside of me I many times wondered, is this all there is to the Christian life? Every Sunday I would go to church then come home and wait for next Sunday to go to church again. Deep inside me I felt that there must be something more. I yearned for something more.

One day, my dad’s cousin visited us. He was so happy, and told us that he had been saved and baptized. The next day he brought a brother from the local church in Medan, Indonesia to visit us. My family decided that we wanted to try to go to this local church. After joining their meetings several times, the Lord attracted me. I saw how different the believers here were from others I had met. They were so joyful and full of love. They loved the Lord. I was curious as to what made them so happy. Talking with them, I found out that it was the treasure in them that made them so happy. It was Christ living in them. In every meeting I enjoyed all the singing and all the members’ speaking. I realized the Lord’s presence was there. After that, I stopped looking other places and came to the local church. I felt as though I had come back home. With them, I began to learn how to contact the Lord in spirit. The Lord became so real and dear to me.

From the time I came to the local church, I have felt that there is a Person who is so wonderful, so full of compassion- the Lord Jesus. He just drew me to love Him more each day; and nothing and no one in the universe is like Him. I just give my whole life to Christ. Nothing is so precious as giving our whole life for the Lord Jesus. Now my whole family meets with the local church. Praise the Lord!

A Pattern to Love the Lord

I really appreciate the ministry of brothers Watchman Nee and Witness Lee. Through their books, I have been helped to know God’s eternal purpose in the Bible. Furthermore, the more I read their books, the more I’m brought to love the Lord. My Father was privileged to attend a conference shared by Witness Lee in Malaysia. At that time, our family had just started meeting with the local church. Actually, we were still visiting other denominational churches as well. My Father was so impressed when he saw Witness Lee. At that time, Witness Lee was in his 80s, but he was so vital and active. As he gave the messages, he still walked around the podium and spoke with such strength. My dad had never seen a man at Witness Lee’s age speak so strongly. After attending that conference. My dad decided that our family would meet with the local church.

For me, I was so impressed when I read Watchman Nee’s and Witness Lee’s books. Their writings concerning the Bible brought me to the Lord. I had never read any books like that before which could bring me to love the Lord more. Through the word of their testimony, I saw how absolute they were for the Lord and how they poured out their whole lives for the Lord. The focus of their ministry was just Christ and the Church as His Body. Because of their ministry, I have consecrated my whole life to the Lord. How could I not love the Lord? He is so precious, so wonderful. I would like to quote 1 Peter 1:7-9, “Whom having not seen, you love; into whom though not seeing Him at present, yet believing, you exult with joy that is unspeakable and full of glory.” How I love Him.

I thank the Lord that He gave me such brothers who have gone before me and established a pattern that I can follow.

– J. K.